Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Yet Another Cool Pug

Ok, this little Pug-Guy is just way too cute with his beenie "flying cap" on. His humans named him "Sirloin Theodore of Pugsylvania"... a.k.a "Teddy". I created a painterly style portrait of this black pug and tinted his coat blue. This is for another fun repeat client, and we love playing with her pups. I am away from my dog art this week as we have a large design project in house at the moment creating Warhol styled portraits of about 22 tech industry C.E.O.'s . I would love to drop some names, but it is much more important to respect their privacy, and to finish their project on time. I hope to be back to blogging more by the end of next week. By the end of next week I really want to put on my own "flying cap" and run with scissors, ah but that is for another blog.

pug art


Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

I LOVE this image! I want my own propeller hat!

Yer Frend,
Skeezix the Cat

Judith Tramayne said...

He is so cute and you did a wonderful job -- reminds me of the "Our Gang" comedies I used to watch when they showed old movies on TV when I was a kid.

Claudia said...

I'm really inspired by the humor and fun in the work on your blog. The vivid colors, expressions are delightful to see!!I love this pug in a beanie and red ball toy!