Saturday, February 04, 2006

Check out this Pet Artist

I am always surfing the web to see what is going on out there in the world of pet portraits. You have to check out the work of Kathy Weller. When I first ran across her stuff I thought she was not really my cup of tea as her work is so very sweet. However the more I stumble across her portraits on the web the more I am charmed and amazed by them. They draw you in, and speak to an innocence in all of us. Her drawing and painting style is original, fresh and again, the only word for it is "charming". In reading her bio I also like the fact that she too has experience in publishing her own line of greeting cards. It takes a lot of grit to succeed in that industry so while her work may appear soft, sweet and whimsical, I have a feeling this talented woman probably has a backbone of steel and determination. Check out her Cafe Press Store for a sampling of her terrific portraits.

© 2006 Kathy Weller

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