Thursday, September 28, 2006

Dan is Painting

My husband has started painting again and his first piece was a painting of our Scottie boy Tommy. I really love how he captured Big Tommy's crooked tail. This work is thick with paint and this low resolution web image does not really do it justice. Dan paints in oils and usually works pretty large. His new piece is a modest 5 feet by 3.5 feet in size. Dan still works full time in the printing industry so he does not have the time to play that I do here at Art Paw. I am very excited to see him making the time to paint again. He says this new piece is just a sketch to loosen up a bit. I can't wait to see his next painting. My own portrait work is all digital so it is really fun to get to see some old fashion oil painting happening around here. When walking into his paint studio our friends and visitors are immediately hit with the wonderful smell of oils and paint thinner. Dan and I met in college back in the 80's. We did not meet up again until the late 90's. When I was younger I never imagined that I would marry an artist and I feel very blessed to be with someone that approaches all aspects of his life with creativity and an unusual perspective.

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