Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My little Scottie girl is one today!

My Miss Pixel turned one today. Her breeder just sent us a happy Birthday e-mail. Now I must sit down and mark this on my calendar so I do not forget next year. I thought she was born in November, I have been meaning to dig out her paperwork to check so we could celebrate. I hope nobody tells her that her Mom forgot her B-day. I guess tonight will be a special food night and I will have to go out and buy her a new toy. She is still just a wee little thing and I guess she will be a small Scottie dog. I like that.

So how many of you guys have elaborate parties for your pups on their Birthdays? We have had a couple of celebrations for our various pups, but usually it is just a special food night and toys. Pixel is my 2nd Scottie girl and she is all terrier. She is a hard headed little thing and we really sort of had to earn her love. Her first love here was Ajax and they are are just too cute together.

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Anonymous said...

Our older Lab was born on Halloween, so she, of course, thinks all the fuss is for her. She has learned to recognize wrapped gifts and tears into them with enthusiasm. It's easy to remember her birthday since it's a national holiday.

I can't say the same for our younger Lab. While he was born on the summer solstice, there just isn't quite as much celebration associated with that date as there is with Halloween. So the poor boy gets shortchanged each year.

We tend to celebrate with special dog-only bone-shaped cakes, new toys and much fuss. You'll just have to get into the swing of doggie birthday parties from now on!