Monday, January 01, 2007

Have a Ball in 07!

Happy New Year to all! We had a great holiday season in 06 and we all worked our little behinds off ...yay. Now we look ahead and my only New Years resolution is to somehow manage to play as hard as I work in 07. I watch my dog Tommy with his focused and intense attitude towards his ball, and I know I can do this ... yes I can play as hard as I work ... and work needs to become play more and more each day.

We have plans to have even more fun on the website in 07 and we hope you guys will play along. To start the new year off right I will be posting a new art piece on the homepage every day in January that celebrates dogs & cats at play with their favorite toys. I ask everyone ordering this month to consider letting us add your pet's favorite toy to their portrait and to nudge you I am offering a free 8 x 10 print of your second favorite proof when you order any size or style in January... the only catch is you have to let us include your pal's favorite plaything!

Now ... get off your behinds and go to the park with your dog! Have a ball in 07!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca...Happy New Year! Your newest paintings are just fantastic. Abby and I send hugs and wishes for all good things to come your way in 2007!