Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Scout in the Style Of Bella


A lot of times people see a dog or portrait on the web site and they tell me " I want my dog to look just like Mr. Rover". They do not care that Mr. Rover is a black lab and they have a small white Maltese. It is a lot like me going to the hair salon and asking for a Jennifer Aniston hair cut. I can get the same style, but I will never look like Jennifer.

Well a recent client requested a similar style to a popular pup on the site named Bella. While his dog has a different brindle coat coloring, this guy totally nailed the proper pose and posture for us to mimic that portrait well. He could not have chosen a better dog to pattern his portrait after. Scout's Dad knew what he wanted and was able to give us the perfect photo to work from. We altered an ear and then the rest was easy. See Bella below to compare.

This client's portrait turned out great for 3 reasons:
#1 He had a practical vision of what he wanted.
#2 He communicated that well to us.
#3 He gave us a high quality photo to work with.

Ok ... make that 4 reasons ... Scout was a stunning pup to start with.


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