Thursday, March 13, 2008

Naked Boston Terrier

Cute Emma in the frog pose is our next Boston Terrier to work on later next week. Her human asked us to take off her sports jersey for her portrait. So of course we just hit the "naked-dog button" on our special keyboard and shazaam, in 2 minutes flat she was bare. Ok, not really, I am being silly. In reality Dianne worked on this pup for around an hour to fill in the missing details once her jersey was erased. She did a great job, and enjoyed the challenge.

Hey, stroll over to the blog "Dog Art Today" and post a comment to win a contest. Miss Moira is celebrating her blog's b-day and giving away a free t-shirt. Maybe if you win you could take a pic of your dog in the T-shirt then e-mail it to us and we can remove it ... ok I am just being goofy today. I guess I am just feeling feisty because it is almost FRIDAY, and I am taking the entire weekend off. Happy B-day to Dog Art Today!

1 comment:

Abby Creek Art said...

Bostons on parade!! These are great, Becca...that one of Tinker Bella with the little blue bow is too much!:)