Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Kaleigh Art

"what we have enjoyed, we can never lose ... all that we love deeply becomes a part of us." — Helen Keller

This stunning pup is Kaleigh. The pressure was on here to do a really great job. Not only was this an important memorial project, the original photo was supplied by one of my photographer pals Jill Beninato, of Jill is not only a talented dog photographer she is also a very talented digital artist. I am very pleased with Kaleigh's final artwork. I could not miss on this one... I had a beautiful subject and a first rate photograph to work with. Special thanks to Jill for this project referral, and to Sheri for all of her helpful input.

Merry Christmas to everyone! Art Paw is officially closed for the holidays, which means the phone is not getting picked up, and e-mail might just be neglected for a few days. I will be blogging this week and that is about it.

Oh ... and last but never least ... Happy Anniversary to my sweet guy, Dan. Thanks for the best decade of my entire life.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

happy holidays rebecca!
i am so glad you are giving yourself a vacation! you have earned it!
happy anniversary!

Rebecca said...

Thanks Melissa!

Jill Beninato said...

Thanks Rebecca for the kind words...the painting turned out wonderful! I am sure Sheri will treasure it always...Enjoy your time have earned it!

Sheila Finkelstein said...

Sweet picture (actually very beautiful) and sweet comment on Dan. I'm smiling at the love expressed and at the thoughts of the two of you.

A very belated Happy Anniversary. May you have another 40 more, as beautiful and more, filled with HEALTH as well as love and success.