Thursday, February 12, 2009

White Labs Lily & Sam

This project has been fun. It is a Valentines gift for a local client. The couple has children of the 2-legged variety and yet the husband says the dogs are just as much a part of the family and adored by the wife. I think he sort of adores them as well, and he spoke affectionately about the unique posture of each pup and how I should try to capture that. The female is on the left and she sits back on her rump as shown. The male is the noble one always sitting up right as if ready to greet the queen.

About the Artwork:
The client requested a color pallet of browns & ice blue. The sample above is the boldest and strays from that the most. The client had terrific high resolution photos to work with. I used 2 photos of Lily. The posture was perfect in the image to the right below and the face was much better in the shot to the left. I combined the 2 images with a little fancy footwork in photoshop. The full proofing set can be found by clicking here.

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Dog Hair Dog Hair said...

That lab artistry is stunning. Thank you for sharing.