Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Catch You On the Flip Side

"Pin The Tail on The Donkey"
17 x 14 on Canvas

Detail Image ( above)

This is Ottis. He belongs to Manon Doyle. I have had a huge response so far to my request for Doggy Butt photos. My "Catch You On the Flip Side" project is still going strong, so keep those 1mb photos coming. You can e-mail photos to collins@artpaw.com. I can not promise that everyone will be included, it really just depends on the amount of pics submitted and image quality. I am going to try to do one a week and post to the blog.

Ottis Original photo ( above)


Manon Doyle said...

Hey Rebecca!
This is so fabulous there are no words!!! I love it!! It's perfect! My baby looks so good!

Rebecca said...

YAY! He was fun. I just love experimenting.

2DogStudio said...

What an awesome idea!!! I love my one dog's butt! I am constantly talking about how much I love it! I'm sure I must have a picture somewheres :)

Liss said...

Wow, that's really fantastic and creative.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi rebecca!
oh otis is fabulous!

i love your butt paintings. so creative!


Judy Mackey said...

Oh I love the pose! It's so hard sometimes to get their face photo - so why not a backside photo - this one is soooo cute.

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the comments & support everyone. Melissa ... I think Emmitt's curly tail is going to be next.

Abby Creek Art said...

Wonderful butt shot of Otis...and a great painting! I love it!

I'm not happy with my butt shots of Maisie just yet...but I'm trying to catch the right moment of buttdom to send to you.:)

Moira said...

OK, this is brilliant! Great idea to come at your art from a different angle. It's really opened something new up! I am totally inspired!

Rebecca said...

Hey Linda & Moira. Yep the project is allowing me to see the subject of dogs in a whole new light. I have had such a great response so far and have not even placed a promo link on the site yet. I think when I do the flood gates will open.