Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Where is my magic keyboard button?

Kedron ( See All Proofs)

This very handsome Springer Spaniel is Kedron. Is that a cool name or what?  This artwork is coming along well. I think I have done a pretty decent job of painting in a lot of missing detail and texture. Now I just need to find my magic button on the keyboard that will erase the scarf and fill in the gaping hole with  hair. 

Taking off hats, shirts, and scarves is one of the most common requests I get. I have seen many portrait artists, both digital and traditional that have strict photo guidelines that encourage folks to not send in these types of photos.  The reason is simple, it is pretty hard to fill in hair that you can not see. How is it supposed to fall? Is it curly or straight?  In this case I will spend a few hours pouring over photos on-line of similar dogs to try to mimic what that chest "might" look like.  I don't mind a challenge, I just always hope folks understand that my keyboard looks just like theirs, not like the sample below ... that is just me having some fun by creating a dream keyboard ... with special dog art commands. I do wish Apple would get busy and create that.
I am having fun here and teasing a bit. As frustrating as challenging photos can often be I have to remind myself of what I tell my assistants:  " you learn twice as much from hard photographs as you do from perfect snapshots".  Ok, I am signing off to go study chest hair now.



As a graphic designer and pet portrait artist, I TOTALLY feel your pain with this one, sister! I caught myself smiling as I was reading your entire post, with the smile getting bigger and bigger as I read along, because I can completely relate...and I found it quite amusing. Thank goodness for the Internet; It's such a helpful resource. Good luck!

I want that keyboard when it is manufactured...I love this dog's name....and the breed, since I, too, have a Springer!

Abby Creek Art said...

I know the feeling! You did a great job with little detail though. I would like a keyboard that instantly sharpens a dog photo too. I've had some beyond blurry ones!

Manon Doyle said...

Kedron is striking!
Sounds like you should be having a glass of wine with me! lol

Rebecca said...

LOl, thanks for the support ladies. Yes Manon, will take that glass now please.