Monday, November 09, 2009

Mosaic Monday / Art Swap Video

" A Tasty Morsel For Eve"
6x6x2 inches
© 2009 Rebecca collins

Today I am posting pics of a finished mosaic that I swapped with artist Eve Lynch. The video below shows both my piece and her piece. We were working under the theme of "Man Eating Plants". You can learn more about Eve and see more of her work over at
. You can see more of my mosaics on my personal portfolio site Enjoy the Vlog post below. It has been awhile since I did any video rambles.

About The Mosaic Art Swap: We traded a list of 3 subjects neither of us had done mosaics on yet. We went with one of her subjects " Man Eating Plant". It was early October and the fun and silly subject was a total blast to work on. I chose to create my project on a 3-D box and continue the glass around the edges. Eve created her work by making a polymer clay monster that worked well with the glass and she trimmed the entire spookiness off with a spiked border. I totally love the work she created for me and look forward to more swaps with more artists in 2010.


Carol Dean said...

Looks to me like both of you artists got super lucky with your trade! Both pieces are wonderful!

Eve's the best! :D I loved collaborating with her on Cosmic Collar.

Rebecca Collins said...

Hi Carol-
Yep, I really enjoyed this swap. Eve is super talented and very experimental. I love that.
Thanks for dropping by.

Manon Doyle said...

Fabulous swap!! Both pieces are incredible!!

cbmosaics said...

Great video, Rebecca! Love both pieces. Wonderful detail by you both (not surprising in the least!). I'm fortunate to own artwork from you and Eve! Except now I need a mosaic by you :-)

Rebecca Collins said...

Hi Manon, Hi Chrsitine, thanks for dropping by and for the nice comments.

Eve said...

Hi Rebecca!

I finally got a chance to blog about the swap myself.

The swap was crazy fun and your piece is just the coolest thing. Would def do another one. :)


Anonymous said...

What a fun video to watch. Both of your mosaics are wonderful and so original.

Rebecca Collins said...

Thanks so much!