Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bella on her Bed

"Bella" ( see all proofs)
© 2009 rebecca collins

This is Miss Bella. She shipped out yesterday. The bottom image is sort of different for me. I took the soft and smushy painterly work and slammed posterize on it. The filter made everything crispy sharp and it colorized the floral bed texture in a fun way. That pattern was achieved with a Photoshop brush. The client went with the top option. It is softer with more detail.

We are at the count down stage now! I am up and running again with my printer thanks to the terrific folks over at Amcad Graphics for coming out to replace that cyan printhead again. Lola will be in shortly and she has 5 to stretch today. Tonight when I close my eyes I will rest very easy knowing that every client that ordered by posted deadlines has shipped. Yes, I will have conquered this week, and the season!

I am still creating artwork for a few late folks that squeaked in a project after all posted deadlines. You guys know who you are.... and yes I am still planning to get you all proofed by Friday the 18th. No worries.

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Helen said...

I must admit I quite like the bottom version, so much intense color!