Friday, April 16, 2010

Optimizing tough photos

Working with some challenging pics this week. Lady and Mitzi are no longer here so I am working with the limited pics my client has on hand.  Today I dealt with glow eyes,  missing noses, and chair obstructions. Next week I get to start playing around with color on this multiple pet project ( I have 2 more pets to add to this portrait).

I am also eager to finalize some sweet kitty cat portraits that have been working on  ... lots of projects going on at once.


Ilene Haddad said...

Nice work! What do you recommend for "glow eyes?" Do you just do it by hand, or is there a good filter for that?

Rebecca Collins said...

Ilene, when all you have is big glowing yellow saucers you have to do it by hand. Often when the glow is more subtle and you have some iris showing with a small dot of red or blue you can marquee around the eyes, use replace color and take the eyedropper tool, choose the red glow and then take the saturation out of it and darken it ... that trick still usually needs some hand tweaking though.

AutumnLeaves said...

Glad you answered Ilene's question as I wondered too. I recently attempted to use the 'red eye removal' on one program to fix the glowing animal eyes phenomenon and it didn't work at all; no change. So I would have guessed you had to do it by hand. These will be fabulous when you are done and I look forward to seeing them!