Monday, May 17, 2010

Mosaic Monday / Toot Toot

 "Swarm Bot" 6 x6 
© rebecca collins

Usually on Mosaic Monday I like to share links and images of other people's mosaic projects, however today I will be tooting my own horn a wee bit.  This Friday I am in a show that is opening at the Cedars Gallery in Dallas called "Obsession".  It is the member's show for the Dallas Creative Arts Center.  The other day I realized that this month I will be in 3 galleries at the same time with my mosaic work here at the end of May.  I am in a show in North Carolina (The Ciel Gallery) that will be ending May 22nd and I am also in the Mermaid and Octopus show ( Norwood Flynn Gallery) , ending May 22.

"Focused Through Movement" 24 x 18 x 2
© rebecca collins
Currently available for purchase at The Norwood Flynn Gallery 

 "Russian Beetle #2"
© rebecca collins
Currently available for purchase at The Ciel Gallery

Three years ago I started playing around with glass Mosaics in  my spare time, not knowing where they would take me. Today I have a quality body of work and still I am unsure just where it will all take me.  So far I have only sold a few pieces. I really enjoy showing and the work itself is like therapy. The slow process of cutting and placing the glass is very meditative.  I have developed a style of working that incorporates my digital paintings under glass. I am not sure where I will go next with my work in terms of subjects and materials, and I guess that is my favorite part of this new journey ... always something new to discover and learn. 

Even the entire show submission process itself is a journey of discovery. When I was a girl in college studying art we all sort of regarded the gallery world as some mysterious scary place that would be so eager to reject us and spit on our feeble attempts at art. In reality what I have discovered is that most gallery folks are hard working, kind people that are very generous with their time.  As I get older I find it easier and easier to risk rejection. I also find myself creating fewer self defeating stories about people and places.  Anyway, thanks for reading my little ramble and checking out my work.


AutumnLeaves said...

Gosh Rebecca (and Manon, if you are reading)! These pieces are all just simply beautiful! I wish I could sit down next to one of you and learn how to do this. I love glass work, stained glass, mosaics...I just wish I knew how to do it myself!!

teresa stieben said...

These are spectacular, so colorful and alive, way to go!

Jill Beninato said...

Congrats to you Rebecca...awesome work!

Helen at summerhouse said...

Congrats on all your gallery shows. How wonderful! Love all the mosaics, so beautiful. Love the way you created Swarm Bot, even the hanger chain is perfect.

cbmosaics said...

Love your work and so glad to see it being shared in so many places!! Congrats!

Rebecca Collins said...

Thanks everyone for the kind comments. My Swarm Bot sold at the opening! Yay. Life is so good... wish I had time for my summer garden, but I feel like I am planting other stuff right now.