Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Poetry / Pet Portrait Contest

In honor of national poetry month I am holding a pet poetry contest over at my Facebook fan page. The contest lasts all month long and we have had some great submissions so far. The winner will receive a 16 x 20 custom pet portrait by me! I will also be giving away a great book on dog poetry next week.

To enter just post your original poem on my wall over at Facebook. It has to be short enough to fit in a comment thread there so around 420 characters or so.  I will be cross posting the submissions here on the blog, but you have to enter the contest over at my facebook page.

Here are just a few submissions:

scruffy exuberant
romping coursing bounding
accomplice cheer solace conspirator
preening judging declaring
... unimpressible sleek
by Jim Price
Rescued pug - a Haiku

Cradled in my arms,
He snuggles in with a snort.
Safe, secure, he’s home.
by Ann Hetzel

Shelter Pet Blessing

At the shelter you may see,
all the dogs just look at me.
Deep inside they all do say,
...“If only you'd see life my way.”

“This second chance they've given me
is my chance to let you see,
If you take me home, and give me love
We'd both be blessed from God above.”

“For you would give me all I need
And I will plant a tiny seed
that grows with time and fills your heart
and that, my friend, is where love starts.”
by Emily Ross

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