Monday, June 27, 2011

Mosaic Monday / UFO 's

At our last mosaic ATC card swap in May I was asking one of the artists what she was working on and she replied that she has a few Mosaic UfO's sitting around. I was very intrigued and immediately thought of the work of Eve Lynch.  When I pressed her for more details she informed me that UFO's are Un-Finished Objects.  I laughed out loud and was happy to discover this important new mosaic term ( thanks Theresa).

Above is a shot of a few of my current " UFO's". When I first started mosaics in 2007 I started on a really large crow mosaic, got half way through it  and then left it alone for over a year. I have since finished that project and now I have a few other unfinished works that are tugging at me. When I was new to mosaics I felt terrible when I would abandon one project to start another. As I have met more mosaic artists and seen how they work I have learned that this is a common pattern and not a character flaw. It has something to do with the time intensive nature of the medium.  Sometimes you get stuck and do not know what direction to go with a project and other times you just get bored and need to start on something new. At any rate I no longer beat myself up about unfinished objects.

Focus on what you "are" doing, not what is undone:
My goal for the year is to finish 14 new mosaics for an upcoming art show in September, take a mosaic class in Italy in the fall and then after a crazy busy holiday season here at Art Paw creating pet portraits I will tackle all of my unfinished fine art mosaic projects next January.

Mosaics Around the Web.....

Check out Katrina Doran's blog on the 2nd Tuesday of each month for a step by step tutorial on creating large flower sculptures:

Christine Brallier shares a post on making progress on her book! Follow along at :
Keep up the good work Christine and hang in there! It is going to be great.

Eve Lynch has a call to artists for anyone wanting to donate a butterfly mosaic to a community project she is organizing.

Kim Grant's Blog: Kim did a recent post about Howard Grange.  I love Kim's blog because she writes from the heart and will even go off on an occasional rant. She very much has a journal style approach in her blogging.

Margo Antone has a blog where she posts tiny mosaics she creates in a Mosaic-a-day approach, much like the popular painting a day blogs.


Kate said...

I have a closet full of UFO's! I call it the art graveyard :)

cbmosaics said...

Guess what? I have not one mosaic UFO! I can't do it! I have tossed one or two UFOs out though, LOL. Can't wait to see you finish those. Thanks for the shout out. :)

Rebecca Collins said...

Christine... lol, that does not surprise me. I can totally see you having the patience to see each project through to the end before hopping around all over the place. Good for you!