Friday, December 16, 2011

Almost done!

"Mason" ( see all proofs)
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Mason is shipping out later today, I enjoyed working on this pretty boy. The above sample is the one my client chose, and I love that colorful wooden background, I created it from an old door I shot in Italy this year.  I proofed Mason back on the 6th I think, sometimes folks need a little extra time to choose.  I really like the one she picked.

As of today I think I can officially state that everyone that ordered by posted deadlines and approved one of their provided samples will have shipped. Yay! I have 2 clients to provide updates on and that will happen this weekend.  I have not really had a day off yet this month, but I will be taking one day off next week to get my own holiday shopping done. I am looking forward to that.

4 more late orders to proof and I will be officially done with creating digital portraits for the month.

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Christine Throckmorton said...

I'm enamored of that wood background, especially since it is from a photo you took during your travels. Love it! The dog is stinkin' cute, too. Great portrait. Glad you gave yourself a day off.