Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Pet Portrait Video

Lola helped me knock out another monthly video today that is showcasing last month's commissions. She did 90% of the video editing work, I just found the perky whistling music and helped with questions.

Recently I have been trying hard to focus on celebrating my clients in a variety of ways. I recently ordered printed Thank You cards and I will start sending those out once a month for all recent orders. I should have done this a hundred years ago, better late than never.

We are also updating our Facebook timeline artwork on a regular basis to include our most recent client projects. We have a little over 4000 fans over at Facebook right now. If you are not a fan yet you should sign up because we will be posting a photo contest in September to celebrate Art Paw's 14th birthday.  We also post occasional sales on Facebook that we do not advertise anywhere else. We are trying to have a little fun over there and keep it real. One of my most popular status updates was a shot of me kissing Ajax on the mouth and I asked folks if they kiss their pet on the mouth ... the overwhelming majority of the responders say they do. Thanks to all of you guys that are following us!

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