Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gertie The Bulldog

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This is Gertie the Bulldog. Her Mom took advantage of our 50% off sale and she will be shipping out tomorrow. She ordered Monday and Gertie will ship on Friday. That is super fast, and it is super fast because this is a "non -proofing sale". My client chose her favorite red themed background and I got busy and created her portrait and now I get to ship asap.  Proofing is a lot of fun, and I usually enjoy providing 14 different colorful samples on-line, but proofing does add a significant amount of time to a project. That is why I decided to offer a deep discount for Valentines day on "non-proofed" projects.  It also allows me to hold a very unique sale that hopefully will not irk any clients that have paid full price in the past weeks or months. After all it is a totally different sort of custom art service, and a little less extensive from what I usually offer at full price.

Anyway ... the sale ends at midnight tonight so click here if you want to order and save on a project for your sweetheart.  I have several folks that have ordered multiple projects. I have a busy week ahead of me.... yay!

Gertie Detail.

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