Friday, February 13, 2015

Sick Days for the Self Employed

A lot of folks think that being self employed means having an easier time taking off for sickness and emergencies. In reality those of us that work at home have nobody to answer our e-mails or phones when we are sick and nobody at all to handle our projects. And when your office is only 10 steps away from your sick bed it is so easy to say, well I have time for one blog post or I can answer e-mail for 30 minutes and then that turns into half a day. 

I am battling a weird flu and My Dr. wants me to take off until the 16th, feeling a bit better I was going to ignore him today and then Higgins decided to step in and he chewed up my drawing stylus.  So I guess this one blog post will indeed be my work today at Art Paw.

I only have like 3 pending projects right now, I do not think I am terribly behind on anything if you are one of those clients, hang tight and know that I will be back at my desk on Monday.

I know it was Higgins it even has one of his little grey hairs on it.  What a little stinker.


Kathy Weller said...

Hey Beccs! Hang in there!! Sorry you are so sick. Argh. I got the flu this year too. This too shall pass. Hugs!

Rebecca Collins said...

Thanks Kathy!