Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4rth of July!

Happy 4rth of July. The Scottie above is our boy Atticus. That art image is from a few years ago and it always makes me smile. The hat was photo-shopped in however if we had an uncle Sam hat like that Atticus would have been happy to wear it ...he loved clothes.

I just did a quick search at CafePress for more Patriotic Dogs and found some Scotties by one of my favorite artists (Maggie Ross)...check out the cool gifts with the Scotts below on them.

She also has a great Airedale:

Cafe Press returned over 46,000 results for "Patriotic Dog". Zowie, that is a lot of red white and blue canines.

Have a fun and safe fourth of July. Don't forget to bring inside any skiddish dogs and young puppies that may be frightened by the noise of local fireworks displays.

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