Thursday, July 27, 2006

With respect

It is with much respect and a sad heart that I am starting on 3 memorials this week. One of our old clients that we were fortunate to capture while she was still around has passed away unexpectedly. Heidi is a terrific Saint Bernard and her humans are active rescue volunteers and terrific dedicated animal lovers. I know they will miss their special girl. I will also be working on Grizzly, a big bear of a Chow and Keyne a very handsome Rotti. My heart goes out to their families. It is never easy to loose our fur-kids and sometimes non-pet humans just do not understand how deep this sort of grief can be. When you get right down to it love is love, and grief is grief regardless of the species. We all have to process it in our own way. I am just very honored that I am often asked to help create a piece of art that may help keep the happy memories alive.

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