Friday, February 16, 2007

I Shot A Man in Reno

Coming home from my Photoshop seminar in Austin last month I stopped at my favorite antique mall. Of course the goal was to find more scottie dog trinkets for my collection. Instead I stumbled upon the most intricately crafted toys from the 60's. For only .75 each I snagged half a dozen plastic Cowboy and Indian figures. They are stamped on the bottom "plastimarx". I was not sure what I would do with them but I knew they had to be photographed. I am still uncertain what their final purpose will be ....they may just sit on a shelf in the office. When I was in my 20's a supreme find of this nature would have called for hot glue and a proud spot on my kitchen wall. For now I shot them and dropped in some clouds ... maybe they should be postcards? They are not quite art yet although I do have a title for the guy clutching his chest ... he is my " Man in Reno".

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