Monday, March 12, 2007

Sugar The Pit Bull

Today I am battling a terrible head cold. I did manage to get down to the post office and I also proofed one client. I am quite pleased with my initial proofs on Sugar. This is an important memorial portrait project that I have been playing with for a couple of weeks now. This sweet girl has left a hole in her human's heart. I do hope I have captured her unique personality.

"... what we have enjoyed, we can never lose ... all that we love deeply becomes a part of us." — Helen Keller


Abby Creek Art said...

Oh, sweet Sugar...I feel for her person. She will be so comforted and thrilled to get this from you, Rebecca.

Hope you feel better...dang colds!

cowbelly said...

Hi Rebeccah,

I have been wanting to leave a comment on this portrait of Sugar since seeing it on Linda's (Abby Creek Art) blog a couple of months ago.

It is one of the most beautiful dog art pieces I have ever seen!!

Many years ago before doing pet photography or dog art (having no idea I'd be where I am today) I fell in love with the style of Ron Burns. While your style is totally different (with the exception of the gorgeous colors used), it is in the same vein in terms of quality and originality.

It is clear that you are emotionally invested in the pieces that you create and that you take the time to make each one special.

The colors are amazing, the 'brush strokes' so dynamic and the overall looks of your painterly style are superb.

I just wanted to say from one pet artist to another that I adore your style and could stare at your pictures all day!

Keep up the brilliant work!

Jamie Pflughoeft
Cowbelly Pet Photography

Rebecca said...

Hi Jamie and thanks so much for the comment on sweet Sugar. Your praise means a lot as I am very familiar with your work and I have had your groovy well designed site bookmarked for awhile. You have a very clean mod aesthetic and I can totally relate to it. Please visit again and feel free to comment anytime. Ok I am off to pour through your blog.

Rebecca said...

Oh and thanks Linda too! Yea the head cold is long gone now.