Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Taxidermy as art?

I just stumbled across an interesting article from the Norwich evening news titled
"Animal art form has come back from the dead". It talks about the old "art form" of Taxidermy and covers a little of it's history and mentions the work of an artist working today by the name of Emily Mayer's . While it is not my cup of tea it certainly has that train wreck quality of having to look, no matter how gruesome it may seem. I found it interesting that most taxidermists do not depend on animals being hunted, shot or killed. The article is a very good read and while it may not necessarily make you a fan of taxidermy it may indeed give you new insight into the subject and a respect for those that enjoy the practice.
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mare said...

Yes, her work is exquisite, but I find taxidermy to be anything but.

Rebecca said...

I find taxidermy to be creepy, unsettling, and fascinating. The end product is much less interesting to me than the people that enjoy, create and collect taxidermied animals. I guess it is the combination of science and a sort of primitive respect, awe and love for animals that I see at work for some people. I once thought that it was the ultimate in disrespect, but I am not so sure. Some things are gray. Still ... not my cup of tea.