Saturday, May 12, 2007

Chihuahua Art

Last week I worked on a couple of sweet Chihuahuas. Tug and Spike are pals. I am posting Tug's artwork today. The original image on this was another low resolution challenge. It did have a lot going for it in that the pup is adorable and "blankies" always say love, home and warmth. I am very happy with how this little pup turned out. The deep red and mint green are a new color combo for me. I enjoy working with background elements like ordinary covers, sheets and towels. It is fun to reinvent these items into rich plush fantasy linens.

Click the image below to see the pixelation that occurs when you enlarge a low resolution image.

When working with low resolution images you will find that the jagged pixelated look that occurs on enlargement has to be addressed before you can even start to play with color and texture. I have found that my best method is to blur the image to smooth it out and then burn in detail.

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