Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Frog The Bulldog

This morning I have been playing with Frog the Bulldog. A Flickr pal suggested I title this "English Bullfrog", I like that. This is a painterly portrait project and one of about a dozen I have on the board right now. I am trying very hard to get caught up around here. Allison will be making proof pages for Frog and a few other pups tomorrow, so check out the homepage on Weds. for changes.

All orders are being worked on in the order they were placed and paid projects are given top priority. What this means is that if you sent in a photo or two and never gave us your payment info then your project is on our pending board. Here at Art Paw we allow folks to place orders in a variety of ways and one of those includes opting to pay by phone "later". The only problem with that option is you do have to follow up and make that phone call to get your project moving. I will be spending tomorrow afternoon trying to finalize all of our dropped ball projects. If you feel you may be in that category give me a call toll-free so we can get the ball rolling again on your project ( 888-225-4278 ).


Abby Creek Art said...

Oh my god...I love this one! I have such a soft spot for bulldogs...my brother had one and my mom had two.
Also...really like the background on this one.xo

Rebecca said...

Thanks Linda! Yea, I am a huge fan of the Bulldog too ... one of my dream breeds that I gotta have before I die. I also want a wire haired fox terrier, standard poodle, and Irish Wolfhound. Ha can you see me with a huge Wolf hound .... I would have to learn to train better.