Friday, June 01, 2007

3-D Dog art at the push of a button?

Ok so in my last post I ended by talking about a desire to get back to working with my hands a little and create some things in 3-d. Oh what a wicked harpie technology is! Now I know what the next big visual arts thing is going to be for those that are ready to take the plunge into 3-d design work. Check out the video below to see what is possible in the world of 3-d printing and model making. What a world!!!

I still remember staring at the fax machine 15 years ago in awe at the magic of technology, and now we can create 3-d objects with the ease of using a printer and computer software. It may be a few years before the price tag is feasible for a small art studio like Art Paw, but who knows maybe pet sculptures will be our next big adventure.
You can also read a great article on 3-d printing by clicking here.

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