Monday, June 11, 2007

English Bulldog art

Georgia & Pudge are two of my new favorite Bullies. The client requested a sort of "neutral toned" Bulldog portrait to work on a nice red wall. Sounds like they really do have great taste with lots of silver, and modern warm neutral tones in their home. The image posted here is my splashy and maybe way too colorful version that I sort of did for myself. When I proof Pudge & Georgia's humans I will be sure and include some more conservative or "toned down" options as well. While I always love design notes and input from my clients I also have to just go crazy sometimes and have fun, throwing caution to the wind. They have a signed Dali print for goodness sake, my colors can not be all that bold (crossing fingers).

Detail showing digital "paint splashes". (click to enlarge)

If you click to enlarge the detail above you will see where I have tried to get a bit messy. I used a cool splatter brush to create some fun paint texture on this piece. It is always a challenge to get loose and get messy with digital art, but when you can find your groove with it the results can be very fun. I feel like the more intentional drips and splatters I can work into a painting the more I can separate my work from more filter oriented artists. One of my favorite parts on this piece is that red splotch on the red pillow. I know, 2 adorable sweet pups and I am in love with a pillow splotch. I do also love the tiny beauty mark on Georgia's right cheek and the freckles on her left ear.


Amanda said...

I love the colors - beautiful painting!

Jill Beninato said...

Wow, this is so painterly...I love the colors, textures, everything. Your clients are going to flip over this one!

Abby Creek Art said...

I think I can tell which one is "Pudge" HA! This is beautiful, Rebecca...and not too colorful for me!

Rebecca said...

Thanks so much for the comments ladies! Yea, I don't think it will be too wild, but you never know. That word "neutral" just scares me. Too often when given specific color requests I feel like I hold myself back and try too hard to color within the lines the client has laid out for me. And too often I do not listen well and do not really get to the heart of what they are saying about color and I can't really see their vision from their words. They often love the boldest proof offered. Hearing from other artists reminds me to just "go for it" and have fun.

Kathy Weller said...

This is GORGEOUS!!!!

Daniel Millions said...

Wow great English bulldog art work. Where can I find prices and more art for sale?