Thursday, July 26, 2007

Help Australian Shepherd???

Help Australian Shepherd???
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This is our newly found stray "Luna" . Can anyone tell me what kind of dog she is ... she is petite, and looks like she has a lot of Australian shepherd in her or maybe she is a full Aussie and just still a puppy. We are posting signs and trying to find her humans collar, no tag , no chip.
She is so stunning. Dan named her Luna after Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter.

Microchip your pets people!!!


Abby Creek Art said...

Oh man is she adorable!! She looks like an Aussie Shepherd/Cattle Dog mix to me. Let me know how things go, Rebecca...I can try to help you find her a good home. I would love to have her myself...just don't think James and I are quite ready yet.

SpillToJill said...

I left you a note on this flickr pic.
Gorgeous doggy!

Kathy Weller said...

WHOA...she is gorgoeus. Poor baby!!! I can't help you with her breed mix, though?? Linda seems to be on the ball with that though. Any luck yet on finding owner?? Good thing she happened to cross your path. Lucky doggie. :)


Stoyn said...

Nice dog,

Read this article:
I think it will be helpful to define your dog's breed.

Stoyan K.

Anonymous said...

Luna is absolutely adorable!!!! She's definately a australian
shepherd and australian cattle dog mix-I have one myself, his name is Outback Jack and he has a nub for a tail. They are one of the smartest dogs-good luck with her, I hope you can keep her!

Good Luck,
Traci S. from Rocky River, OH