Monday, July 09, 2007

Hoppy Monday!

Wow, two weeks ago I thought I was going to clear my plate completely and be caught up. Now I am feeling totally swamped again. My apologies to any client out there that is feeling like their proof is not happening soon enough. I am working some late days trying to get everyone proofed as quickly as possible without cutting any corners.
The good news is that Allison is totally getting the hang of the painterly process and is setting up more and more pieces for me. At this point I am still trying to get my hands on all of the painterly projects however the bunny I am posting today was almost completely created by Miss Allison Crane. She worked several hours on this portrait and it turned out great. I worked maybe an hour on Mr. Bunny this morning at the most. You can always tell when Al has had a hand on our painterly pieces as she has a softer more velvety approach to the wacom than I do. I always tend to go in and add some strong jabby paint strokes and loose line work to her projects, however lately I feel the need to do less and less to her work. She is really getting very good. I guess it is time for me to update the site and better introduce Allison as an Art Paw painterly portrait artist, she is just no longer my little "assistant".

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