Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Color Inspiration

Yesterday I talked about Colourlovers.com. Well, practicing what I preach I went over there yesterday afternoon in search for inspiration. Tired of my same old backgrounds, I decided to create something brand new. I found a palette I liked in a stripe pattern. I recreated it in Photoshop and then used my digital paint tools to smudge it up and dirty up the hard lines. The colors even changed quite a bit and I sort of made the stripes my own. While Colourlovers.com does not allow commercial use of their member created patterns, usage such as this where a pattern is used as a mere jumping off point is totally encouraged.
"Peanut" ( above)
Original pattern inspiration ( above)


Melissa & Emmitt said...

wow! rebecca!
i love this background. it is perfect for your subject!
really wonderful and inspiring!

Rachel said...

Love this. Schnauzers are my favorite breed of dog.