Monday, September 08, 2008

Hot House Orchid

Dancing Orchid
Originally uploaded by Inspirational Sheila
If your dog was a flower what kind of flower would they be?
Our boy Ajax is a Hot House Orchid. He is delicate, hard to grow, and very sensitive. We have to feed him just the right balance of food or we deal with allergies.

Our Big Tommy is a more of Sunflower. He is strong and sturdy and large.

Little Pixel, or Pickle as we call her well she would have to be a Snap Dragon. Yep she is fierce yet insecure as well which causes her to snap some in play with new dogs.

This dancing orchid image is from Sheila Finkelstein's Flickr stream, click through to see more of her photography.


Sheila Finkelstein said...

Interesting question and analogies, Becca. I appreciated your sensitive comparisons.

Thanks also for using my dancing orchid to illustrate this post. For the orchid lovers who appreciate this photo, I featured two other fun, dancing, clamshell orchids in a recent issue of my Picture to Ponder ezine.


Moira said...

Darby would be lavender. Mainly because he absolutely loves it. We have lots of lavender bushes next door and he would spend all day sniffing around it if he could.

Sometimes he gets deep in there and when I pick him up he smells of lavender and puppy. It is intoxicating. And now, whenever I smell lavender, I think of Darby. And know I always will.

Rebecca said...

That is so sweet ... thanks for sharing that. Darby & lavender!