Tuesday, September 02, 2008

What to do with Cathedral ceilings? Pet Portraits of course!

"Daisy & Ginger at Home"
On some occasions we have the pleasure of working with clients that have a very specific nook to fill, and portrait size needs that are off the map so to speak. This custom project was for 2 prints that measured 60 inches wide by 34 inches tall. Their original proofing page is here: http://artpaw.com/proofpages/proof_moore3.html.
One studio visit later and several design tweaks later we came up with the portraits you see above. It was a lot of fun to have Brandy & Michael in the studio to watch over my shoulder as I made a few changes on the fly. Brandy said they had to borrow a huge ladder to hang these pieces.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

wow rebecca!
those are amazing! I LOVE them!
you are so inspiring. you tackle every project with a fearless excitement!

Kathy Weller said...

That's so cool! Really awesome. Love them and love the space they now keep - looks great and perfect fit.

marianne said...

Wow amazing art!
Got here through Melissaand I love what I see so far!
Greetings Marianne

Rebecca said...

Hey Melissa & Kathy!
Welcome Marianne and thanks for the praise. Please visit often. I spend some time tooting my own horn around here and sharing my art, but I also like to support my pals like Melissa. I hope to nail Kathy Weller down soon for a video interview.