Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Buckley The Golden Retriever


Going to be a late night and I am working on Buckley. Dan started this project for me last weekend. Tonight I added a few additional smudges & paint strokes. This very happy boy still has a way to go. I think he is still a bit photographic and needs some more layers, more smudging maybe.
I hope to proof in the morning ... crossing fingers.
This boy's humans are local. My client found me with one of those world wide web Google queries that will throw you almost into your own zip code... by total coincidence.

Yes, I know there is that new gated pattern again. Nobody has chosen it yet. Buckley will have a wide variety of background options before I am finished.


Rachel Elizabeth said...

Very regal. What a handsom happy boy!e

kks said...

gorgeous! i am a golden girl!

Anonymous said...

if u r golden girl iam also Golden boy