Friday, November 21, 2008

New Pet Portraits

"Aggie & Otis"

What a busy week. I have created quite a few new portrait proofs for review. I plan to work all weekend on some projects from early November that are still pending. Everyone waiting on proofs should sit tight and don't worry. I will get to your project very soon. I promise!


Marilou said...

I love these! My favorite is Chester!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for dropping by!

Manon Doyle said...

Beautiful work Rebecca! Try not to stress out during your this busy!

Allie said...

Oh, you are talented! You capture the personalities of the dogs so well. I think this could only be done by someone who loves dogs because the love shines through! Thank you for sharing your work with us :D

Rebecca said...

Manon ...ha too late. Although I seem better organized this year and it helps with the stress level.

Thanks for the praise Allie! Yes I do adore my four legged subjects. I have the best clients on the planet.