Friday, July 17, 2009

New Golden Retriever Art

Today I proofed Scotch the Golden Retriever. I really had a blast working on this handsome pup and the original photograph was a total joy to play with.

I have started rating my client original photographs as "poor, fair, or good" in quality. My first reason for this was so that people would look at their original photos, then look at the resulting artwork and understand that I have gone to extra measures to compensate for a lack of detail, glow eye or other flaws. With that said it is now my hope that potential clients will start to see the images that I am rating as good or very good and learn by seeing just what a good quality photograph looks like. I tell people all the time that high quality, high resolution photographs make all the difference and yet without visual examples of good quality I am really not defining what I am talking about. So thanks to Scotch's humans for sending me a terrific example of a high quality good photograph.

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Manon Doyle said...

I just want to reach into that painting and give Scotch a big hug! He's gorgeous!