Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Passion For Blogging

Today's guest blogger is Manon Doyle. Some of you may remember Manon from an interview I did with her last year. I asked Manon to be my first guest blogger because her blog is a great example of one that exhibits a great deal of passion for both art and life. You can learn more about Manon on her blog or at her main site

© Manon Doyle

When Rebecca asked me to be a guest blogger I was a little hesitant. I'm always worried about what to write about on my own blog so I wondered what the heck I was going to say on hers. She explained that I could talk about passion or whatever I felt like. "Great", I thought. I can do passion.

I've had a lifelong affair with art but I've recently developed a passion for blogging. I can't even remember why I started blogging. It was probably because I felt a little isolated as an artist and thought I could meet with like minded individuals. I had to be honest with myself early on that writing wasn't my strong suit so I decided to write in my own voice. The way I write is the way I speak ... yikes! "Be yourself" was my motto and with that I began to love blogging.

© Manon Doyle

I didn't have many readers for a long time but it really didn't matter because I was entertaining myself and I love to be entertained ... lol ... even if I'm the one making myself laugh.

Most of the posts were initially about art but then my feelings and normal every day things started creeping in. Yup ... you may be a little sick of my feet and those Sun Chips but I have this need to mix things up.

© Manon Doyle

Anyway.... I think for me the biggest thing is laughter. Anyone that visits can laugh with me or at me ... lol... and that's more than ok! A little art, a little laughter and a whole lot of passion for life. That's what I want my blog to be!

Thank you Rebecca, my friend for having me here today! I truly appreciate it!

- Manon Doyle 


Jasmine said...

A wonderful interview. And thank you Mannon for introducing me to a new blog. The dog pictures below are gorgeous. Every pet owner must want their dog imortalised this way xJ

Joyce said...

A wonderful guest posting! I love the heart painting!!! xo

Rebecca Collins said...

Hi Jasmine & Joyce ...thanks for stopping by.

Silke said...

Oh, what a wonderful post! So full of feeling and love! Wonderful photos and stunning art!!! Well done!!! Love, Silke

Lisa Holtzman said...

Rebecca you summed up Manon perfectly, enormous passion for art and life and brimming with positivity. Nice job Manon!
Happy to know about you and see your wonderful pet portraits.

Rebecca Collins said...

Hi Silke, thanks for dropping by.

Hi Lisa, yes, I think it is that positive attitude that makes Manon one of my favorite artists. Of course she has talent to spare, but a lot of artists do ... she has a passion about her artwork that comes through in everything she does.

Sheila said...

What a great choice! Manon is as talented as she is sweet!

lynne h said...

rebecca, we all want to send manon smooches!!

thank you for the smile... : )


Diana Evans said...

Wonderful interview with a very talented and sweet girl!!! Manon has always been an inspiration and a great blog friend and I am so happy to see her here!!!

AutumnLeaves said...

How odd to read Manon's words. I just got done saying the very same things in a comment on her blog that she has said here. It is good to meet you, Rebecca!

La Dolce Vita said...

awesome post! Manon is so very talented and her blog is just the way she wanted a whole lot of passion!

Rebecca Collins said...

Thanks to all of Manon's readers for hoping on over here to read her guest post. Nice to meet you all.

Sheila ... hi there, I have to go check your blog to see what you have been up to. Thanks so much for dropping by today.

L.Holm said...

Fantabulous! I always look to Manon's blog for inspiration and soul. Love this post. :-D

Lori ann said...

thank you for hosting Manon, she is wonderful and lovely I can see why you would ask her. She is so talented and everything she does is with enthusiasm and passion.
Manon, if your reading, it's true! i imagine you'd be exactly the same in person, smiling, laughing, fun!
And Rebecca, your art is gorgeous also!
x lori

Rebecca Collins said...

Thanks Liz & Lori! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you visit again. I am planning to have more guest bloggers in the future, it is a great way to mix things up. I am looking for my own voice this year in blogging and artists like Manon are a true inspiration

Manon Doyle said...

Hi Rebecca!
I'm really grateful that you considered me to be a guest blogger. Your friendship has meant a lot to me.
*Merci mon ami*!
Btw..... I missed Olivia and Phoebe..... their portrait is beautiful!!

Rebecca Collins said...

Thanks Manon! It was a blast to feature your art and your words! I feel very fortunate to have your friendship. I enjoy your blog so much.

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Thank you for featuring Manon. I met her though her blog, and feel like I know her because her writing is truly right from the heart. And 'heart' and 'love' and 'passion' are themes in her art. She wears her heart on her canvas. And on her blog. She's fabulous, thank you again,

Ces said...

Well done both Rebecca and Manon. What a great collaboration. Manon, of course is none other than a beloved sisterfriend and inspiration to many and artist extraordinaire.

Christine Throckmorton said...

Manon's blog always makes me laugh, smile, and feel inspired. Thanks to both of you! :)

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi manon and rebecca!
oh what a wonderful post!
thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us manon. you are a true inspiration!

Christy DeKoning said...

Manon fills my heart with art on a daily basis!

~ thanks Rebecca for showcasing such an amazingly talented, beautiful and funny woman today.

Manon, I'm not sick of your feet.
I think you should do a weekly foot post LOL...
if you haven't got any cool shoes to wear (ya, right)
then you could paint your feet.

Deborah said...

**clapping of many hands** That photo of Manon with the heart and snow always makes me smile.

cbmosaics said...

Manon was one of the very first mosaic artists I found online when I first started making mosaics, and she was the first one to add me to her links, not even knowing me (and such a beginner I was)! I always remembered that and appreciated that. Thanks for your kindness, Manon! Lovely post.

Rebecca Collins said...

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by. I can not even keep up with all these terrific and supportive comments. If feel like I'm in school and I have invited the cool chick to my party that everyone loves.

Kelley "she wears her heart on her canvas" ...yes perfect statement.

Ces ... She is indeed a "sisterfriend" to many.

Christine T. ...hey there , I have been missing you. I have got to drop in on your blog and see what is up with you.

Hey Melissa! Thanks for the sweet comment!

Christy ... "talented, beautiful and funny" ...yep, she is all that.

Deborah ... I know I love that shot too.

Christine B. ... You know you were one of the 1st mosaic people I was brave enough to talk to. I love how the web allows us to create such a broad community of like minded artists. We are all doing widely different works and yet the people I attract and that I'm attracted to on-line seem to have one common thread ... a positive attitude and joy for life.

Bella Sinclair said...

Thank you, Rebecca. Manon is such a wonderful treasure, isn't she? And Manon, you have a beautiful voice, whether it's through your brush or your words. So glad you have a passion for blogging!


Tonya Vollertsen said...

Manon is not only a wonderful artist but her lovely generous spirit comes across in her blog. It's a place I love to visit especially when I need a lift in spirit.

ArtPropelled said...

Hi Rebecca!
Manon, how gorgeous you look!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love this post. I really like what you had to say!

Dean Grey said...

Go, Manon, go!


Momo Luna said...

Hi Rebecca, nice to meet you. :-) And ofcourse it's a great idea to have Manon as a blog guest because she's so sweet, inspiring, very talented and with lots of humour. To visit her blog always leaves me with a smile upon my face and happy feelings. She's a beautiful lady.

Sweet greetz to both of you!

Steve E said...

Nice to meet you, Rebecca C. Thank you for having as your guest THE most all-around "everything-est" girl on the Internet. Talented in SO many directions, Manon excels in most of them; artist, decorator, writer, philosopher, and right down-to-earth Peep, all that and I am sure--much/many more!

And the reason I know that Manon, and you Rebecca are real, is that last summer I rode 3,000 miles on my scooter with the primary objective that of meeting blogger friends. Every single (and married!) one of them was EXACTLY as portrayed on their blogs. I was surprised--amazed, but now I know.

All the more reason I have to respect and admire those of you who share so readily their wonderful gifts from Universe/God/Goddess--your talent, and your love of life. Gratefully,