Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A Passion For Scottish Terriers!

Ok so I guess there is no better place to start writing about passion than with those 4 legged babies that keep me company in the studio. I have 3 Scotties and I adore them. Tommy is our Alpha and the most photogenic so of course you hear about him the most. Ajax is the lover-boy pookie and Pixel, well that Pixel is our stand-offish little female and I love her dearly. I love all pets and all types of dogs and cats, yet I am very lucky to have found a man that has brought the Scottish Terrier into my world. I would never have gone out as a single cat woman and sought out a specific type of dog. If I decided after living with kitties for over 25 years that I needed a "dog" I would have just waited for some sort of pup to find me, and I guess that is exactly what happened. Atticus was my first pup as an adult and the boy that inspired Art Paw. You can read way more than you could ever need to know about the Scotties in our Mascottie section on the website.

My Fashionable Scotts: No simple plaid will do for these pups...

One of the best parts about running a pet portraiture business is all the cool people you meet and all the terrific business and art pals you make. The adorable sweaters below are by Melissa Langer of Pug Notes. They are so thick and rich and soft ... not at all like the off-the-rack stuff you find in stores. Yes, they are spoiled rotten, what can I say.


Archie and Melissa said...

oh my gosh rebecca!

your scotties look wonderful in their new sweater vests!

your post and photos made my whole day!

i am honored that you chose to dress them in the vests. that is a true compliment!


artpaw said...

Thanks Melissa! Did you notice how well the olive & aqua sweater go with my new background image? The little pups were sweet when the package arrived.I think Ajax must have known it was for him because he started sitting pretty as soon as I unwrapped them. If he was a kid I would swear he had been jealous of Tom getting the first sweater.

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

Love those sweater vest - I'll have to check them out.


Joyce said...

I adore your 3 little terriers! We recently had to help our Lakeland terrier, Kelly cross over the rainbow. She would have loved these sweaters. xo

artpaw said...

Hi Rocky Creek Scotties and Java...thanks for dropping by.

Joyce, I am so very sorry for your loss. The Lakelands are wonderful terriers. I know Kelly must have left a hole in your hearts.