Sunday, July 11, 2010

Guest Blogger / Lisa Vaughn

Today I have a guest blogger. Lisa writes for the Pet Insurance  Blog.  I  am so pleased that she wanted to share her story with you guys.  Sorry today's post is a bit late, I have a feeling I may be shifting to a later posting time-line this summer.

Why I Write 
by Lisa Vaughn

As a young girl, I knew that the moment my German Shepherd, Jack entered my life that animals were going to inspire me.  When I was four, my mother brought home the cutest puppy in the world.  She adopted him from a local shelter.  From the moment he saw me, he never left my side.  Even at that young age, I could sense an instant bond.  He had this instinct of knowing that I was different.  I was born with severe cerebral palsy.  My parents were told that I would never walk, talk or function at any normal level.  Yet, at age four; I was talking, I was functioning, and my knees were my feet.  There wasn't anywhere my knees couldn't take me that that two feet would have.  And the best part was Jack and I were eye to eye. 
Around five, it was time for kindergarten.  This was the early seventies, long before inclusion.  There were special schools for the disabled but my mother was determined to put me in a regular school.  She found a school that would take me but on the condition that I could walk.  I remember sitting with Jack and my mom telling me that I could not start school until I learned to walk.  I had wished more than anything to start school.  I turned to Jack and said, “We’re going to walk.”  He looked in my eyes with his ears up and licked my face.  I knew with all my heart that he understood.  I know that, because he helped me get on my feet!  As I started to walk, Jack took every step with me.  When I fell, he stood in front of me, braced himself, and allowed me pull his hair with all my might until I was steady.  This continued into my teens until he passed away.

Jack etched a permanent mark in my heart.  He was my friend, my protector, my teacher, and most of all my inspiration to become a writer.  When he was gone, I knew I wanted to share our story with the world.  By using my passion for animals in my writing, I hope to be the voice for all seeking shelter, love, and family.  There are so many homeless animals needing to be adopted or rescued.  Bringing one of those precious souls in your life will give you as much joy as Jack gave me.  It is a beautiful feeling when you can feel the love of those who cannot express their love with words.

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AutumnLeaves said...

Well, I just started my morning with a good solid cry. I wish our animals didn't have to die. I wish she still had her Jack, her best friend.