Friday, July 16, 2010

My Own Scottie in Shades

"Cool Shaded Scott"
© rebecca collins /

This is my own Ajax. This week Lola helped me snap some shots of all the pups in shades. I wanted to play around and see just how hard these pics will be for you guys to attempt in case you want to take advantage of our Made In The Shade Promo.

My tips for shooting pets in shades:
#1 Don't worry about hands ...I can clone those out.
#2 Get a helper ... one person to place the shades ... one to shoot
#3 Shoot a lot and shoot fast, most pics will be bad, but you just need one cute one.
#4 Try for a few minutes, then do something else, play ball for a bit. When working with the sunglasses try to be up-beat and make it fun, laugh, applaud, give treats. Don't make your pet feel bad if the glasses fall off ... because they will fall off.  Respect your pet's mood and if they get scared or mad then just stop ... you can try again another day.
#5 Be patient and be careful, don't poke your pet in the eye with the stem of the glasses.
#6 Do not use your $150 Ray-Bans for this photo shoot. Go buy some cheap sunglasses. For really small pets you might pick up a pair of child sunglasses.

Our Photo Rejects:


puppy love petwear said...

I love it! You are v talented & doggie really rockin those shades!! xx

Olive said...

Very cute :) BOL!

Licks from Olive

Rebecca Collins said...


AutumnLeaves said...

Love those rejected photos, Rebecca!

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