Monday, October 18, 2010

Mosaic Monday/ Day Of The Dead

© rebecca collins

This mosaic I did last year of Atticus was accepted and is showing at the Bath House's Dia de los Muertos show here in Dallas. The show runs through November 13th. I went to the opening last night and was impressed with all of the work. I am honored to be in such good company.


© rebecca collins  

I placed one of my artist trading cards in my Etsy Shop last week and she has been featured in a great Day of The Dead treasury. Thanks to Jo Ann for adding her in to such a fun grouping.

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Sharon~ Montague , Michigan said...

I to am a mosaic artist along with painter and various other things.
Your mosaics are very interesting and beautiful. Love your concepts, and the mix of words and objects. Check out my blog site also.

Thank you for sharing your art!
and making the world a more beautiful place.