Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pet Photography Tips: Get Up Close!

Bacon Kitty Original photo
Bacon from yesterday's post had a great photo to work with.  Check it out above, Bacon fills the entire frame.  The best photo to send me here at Art Paw is one that is shot up close. If your camera has a zoom feature then use it. Below I will post a variety of kitty photos and show you what happens when we enlarge them.
Tortoise shell Kitty

The photo above is cute, but the kitty is very small and shot from far away. Check the image below to see what kind of detail we have to work with once we enlarge the photo.
Tortoise shell Kitty Enlarged
The camera caught the overall scene but very little detail. I would have a hard time working with this image.

Now compare the photo above with the image below of a tabby that was shot up close.
Tabby Kitty....
Wow, look at the detail in the enlarged photograph above!

Interesting shot of a black kitty. I like this photo a lot, but it will not work well in a pet portrait, the kitty is just way too small to show much detail. See what happens below when I enlarge it.
I can not even see this cute cat's nose, there is very little detail here.

So get up close to your pet. If you have to  you can have someone hold them in their lap, I can erase the human, but I can not create detail I can not see, and when I do it is total guess-work.

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