Friday, December 31, 2010

Art Dog Blog Top 5 Posts From 2010

A lot of bloggers are posting their top 10 list of favorite posts from the last year. I decided to keep it short & sweet and post my top 5 favorite posts from the Art Dog Blog.

• Where Do Creative Ideas Come From

• Ears Matter in Pet Portraiture .... they really do! It is not all about the eyes.

• Talking About Your Art ... we all need practice at this.

• Vanity Tools For Social Media Hounds

• Challenges for Pet Portrait artists ... this one is all about photography

In skimming through my past year of blogging it seems that I started out pretty strong in Jan. with lots of actual writing. I got lazier as the year progressed and defaulted back to a lot of art image posting. It is so hard to keep up the discipline of blogging and even harder to maintain a constant practice of writing.  I think if you are keeping up an art blog it is ok to give yourself a pass and just post images on occasion. The important thing is to just keep posting frequently. I hate finding a really cool new artist and then when I check their blog link I discover they have not updated their blog in months. Of course when time is limited and it is a choice between being in the studio and being on-line updating a blog, I know that the studio time is much more valuable.  I hope I can maintain a healthy balance in 2011.

"Big Tommy"
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