Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Lightroom3 and Miss Astrid

© rebecca collins
"Astrid-  Shaking"
© rebecca collins

Last December the good folks over at Adobe sent me a copy of Lightroom 3 to play around with. I really love this software and yet I have to admit I am still just in the shallow end of the pool at this point. With Lightroom 3 you can create video slideshows, contact sheets for your clients, integrate it with Flickr, achieve great results with their all new state of the art noise reduction technology ... and much much more.

What have I done so far?  Well, I am trying out a few bulk edit commands basically. This last weekend I shot Astrid and needed a real quick way to resize all the images for quick sending via e-mail .... Lightroom 3 to the rescue! Check out the quick video below to see the basic interface. If you want to try out a trial copy you can do so over at

I will try to post some better screen capture videos in the future once I learn a bit more about the program. You can use it to create Blurb books, and that is something I hope to try out very soon. The learning curve with the software is not that bad, you just have to spend some time with it. Everything I have tried to figure out with it has happened for me super fast ... the stuff I really need to discover and learn is the stuff I don't even know I need yet!  That is sort of true with most things in life though.

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That is terrific. Here is a dancing dog with Mrs Kennedy. On the Yangtze!