Monday, March 28, 2011

Mosaic Monday / Tree Of Life

"Tree Of Life Mosaic"
8x10 / © rebecca collins
I have kind of always wanted to do a tree in mosaic.  Every time I think about doing one I then remind myself that so many amazing trees have already been done in mosaic and I ask myself what can I possibly add to the conversation on trees?  Then my Mother-n-law and Father-n-law had a 60th wedding anniversary coming up and I wanted to create a small mosaic for them. They have a huge family and are very in to the whole family tree - genealogy thing. So I though what better subject than a tree for them. Each of the initials in the tree are for one of their kids. I did not do an initial or piece of glass for each grandchild and great grand child in their life because I sort of wanted to finish it in my lifetime. Under the orange glass border are words describing them as a couple. I asked their kids for 5 adjectives each and used their words to add more personalization to the work.  I gave it to them this weekend at a huge party the kids threw for them ... they really loved it.


Dhatri Padegal said...

Rebecca....I LOVE IT! I better start working on my tree :(

Lots of Love and Hugs..

Monica said...

What a great idea and a lovely result!

Suzanne said...

Amazing! I think you've found your calling(s)!