Monday, May 16, 2011

Mosaic Monday / New Leg Milagro

New Leg Milagro
© rebecca collins

New project under way. A leg project with hopes for strength for my husband Dan. His legs are very strong and yet they will often freeze up if he tries to run full out. When he saw the  other leg mosaic I was doing he asked to be added to that project and instead I told him I would do one just for him.
About the Work In progress:
The china doll leg will hang away from the mosaic about a half inch. The entire surface will be covered in stained glass, cinca, and clear smalti. The large clear pieces in the center are super duper thick and really magnify the artwork collage underneath.  I shot the leg with my camera and macro lens then played with the photos in photoshop.  I am in search for a very very pale pink glass that I have one small scrap of. Wish me luck.

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