Friday, May 06, 2011

Pet Poetry Contest Winner!

We finally have a winner to announce in our Pet Poetry Contest. Congrats to Rebecca Forrest for her winning submission " Sighthound".

Millennia of pounding feet
a sound replete
with rush of breath
and throbbing beat.
The bounding flight
beguiles the sight
of bolting prey—
first left, then right.

Around the bend
past the fence
gaining on
the flashing fur.

The quest evades
and slips from sight.
The coursing fades.
Then—hound’s delight—
a new command.

The heart complies—
smooth backyard spanned—
to alpha’s eyes
and loving hand.
- Rebecca Forrest

If you entered the contest and did not win we do not want you to be empty handed. Just send me an e-mail (  with Swag Bag in the subject line and I will send you a Swag Bag of goodies that will make your tail wag!  Be sure and paste in your poem that you entered last month so we know who you are. Your bag will have breed specific stuff if we can tell from your writing you are into one breed, assorted stuff if you are not a breed lover and kitty stuff if you sent in a cat poem.

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