Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lola is In Charge

Hey guys, I am taking a break to study mosaics in Italy for 2 weeks, yea I know I am very  lucky, can not even believe it is real. Lola will be holding down the fort here at Art Paw so if you have any questions about placing a holiday pet portrait order just give her a call. Dan will also be around, but Lola is in charge during the day so if you have any questions about pending projects just give her a call. I think I will have her update the blog with archived proofs and other fun stuff. She will also be shipping out all approved projects and gift shop orders.  When I return I will be diving into holiday orders! It is that time of year again.

Who could ask for a better assistant?
Yep I have to find her something cool in Italy.


Archie and Melissa said...

oh my gosh rebecca!
that is so exciting!
i cannot wait to see what you create and learn!
i am so thrilled for you!

Rebecca Collins said...

Thanks Melissa!

digital ink said...

How to stylise model shoot using colourful shapes in Photoshop

Sheila Finkelstein said...

How exciting, Rebecca. A trip to Italy to study mosaics. I am excited for you. It's been so long since we've connected. Definitely can't wait to catch up now. Will go to Facebook now to see what you've been up to.

Rebecca Collins said...

Hi digital Ink ... Lola really has blue hair in real life , she was not stylized in photoshop:) She is a rather funky young lady.